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  1. chat room
    Drag Race’s Sugar Knew That Lip Sync Was Coming“I mean, come on, it’s Drag Race. I wasn’t expecting it to be that soon, though.”
  2. spoilers
    The Last of Us Humanizes a Monstrous Turning PointThe changes the series makes to a pivotal moment from the game give it even grander existential stakes.
  3. blabbermouths
    Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?L-to-the-O-G off, Brian.
  4. vulture asks
    Which TV Cancellation Hit Hardest in 2022?Pour one out for the series we lost this year.
  5. finales
    The White Lotus’s Watery EndThe season finale plunges into the unknowable depths of Mike White’s favorite symbol.
  6. emergency discussion
    How Is His Dark Materials Going to Pull This Off?The series’ final season takes on the difficult task of translating many heady, absurd, and arguably heretical elements from The Amber Spyglass.
  7. spoilers
    Andor’s Post-Credits Reveal Is Perfect, and Perfectly AndorSo that’s what the Narkina 5 prisoners were making …
  8. continue watching?
    Dead to Me’s Many, Many, Many Cliffhangers: An Episodic GuideAs the addictive Netflix dramedy comes to a close, let’s review all the twists, reveals, and OMG moments that made it binge-watch royalty.
  9. close read
    Serena’s Journey Has Become the Heart of The Handmaid’s TaleSeason five raises a loaded question: Is it possible for oppressors to see the error of their ways?
  10. emergency discussion
    Where Does For All Mankind Go From Here?We have some humble suggestions/demands for season four.
  11. lingering questions
    10 Unanswered Questions to Worry About After Seeing Don’t Worry DarlingWhat’s up with the dancing ladies? And the plane? What happens in Kiki Layne’s cut scenes? More important, where can I get Alice’s nail polish?
  12. finales
    A Few Questions for That House of the Dragon FinaleExposition, dragons, and more excruciating childbirth leaves us with the promise of bigger and bloodier things to come.
  13. fire & blood & spoilers
    What to Expect Next on House of the DragonStrap in, we’re spoiling everything that happens in the Dance of the Dragons.
  14. chat room
    House of the Dragon’s Paddy Considine Had His Eye on Viserys’s Dagger“They were like, ‘No, no, that’s a really important knife,’ and I go, ‘Yeah, I know. That’s why I want it.’”
  15. finales
    Reservation Dogs Grew Up With the Help of Its Grown-upsIn learning from their elders this season, the Rez Dogs found themselves and refound each other.
  16. endings
    C’mon, Industry, Whisper Sweet Nothings to MeThe HBO series wields financial jargon like a magic spell. In its second-season finale, Harper’s sorcery runs out.
  17. spoilers
    Industry’s Ken Leung on Eric’s Moment of Decision“Even though you don’t see me make that choice, you see how I feel about it. From that you can intuit the making of the choice.”
  18. lingering questions
    All Our Lingering Questions After the Industry Season 2 FinaleStarting with: Why did Eric do … that?
  19. spoilers
    Did Monarch Really Just Do That?The series premiere kicks things off with more drama than a good country song.
  20. close read
    Only Murders in the Building Is Caught Between Its Big Heart and Bigger IdeasWhen faced with a genuine critique of true-crime culture in season two, the Hulu series took the easy way out.
  21. lingering questions
    Hey, What Happened to These Only Murders in the Building Plotlines?A certain number of red herrings is understandable, but these dangling threads could have used more attention.
  22. chat room
    PLL: Original Sin’s Bailee Madison Knew Who ‘A’ Was“I had a gut instinct.”
  23. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the End of Better Call SaulAs it turns out, the Breaking Bad prequel turned sequel is also TV’s best time-travel show.
  24. lingering questions
    Who Actually Died in That Westworld Finale?Are we being tricked? Possibly.
  25. finale thoughts
    For All Mankind’s Wrenn Schmidt Thought ‘This Might Be It’ for Margo“Margo is making choices every step of the way, making the best choice she can in terrible circumstances.”
  26. close read
    Better Call Saul’s Most Surprising Crossover Transcends Fan ServiceThere’s a lot more to Kim Wexler and Jesse Pinkman’s chance encounter than meets the eye.
  27. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Body-Horror Ending of ResurrectionIts contracting ambiguity and literalness make for unexpected nightmare fuel.
  28. wexler watch
    How Is Kim Doing After the ‘Waterworks’ Episode of Better Call Saul?It’s Kim Wexler as we’ve never seen her before.
  29. wexler watch
    How Is Kim Doing After This Week’s Episode of Better Call Saul?“Fun and Games” marks a turning point.
  30. wexler watch
    How Is Kim Doing After This Week’s Better Call Saul?Um, not great?
  31. lingering questions
    7 Big Questions About That Stranger Things 4 EndingMainly: Is Enzo’s still standing??
  32. spoilers
    Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credits Scene Goes From Zero to Hero, Just Like ThatHe’s here, he’s there, he’s every-fuckin’-where!
  33. finales
    Some Pointed Questions for The BoysAn attempt to untangle what season three was trying to say about our political system and what it could mean for future seasons.
  34. finales
    Stranger Things Just Wouldn’t Stop Running Up That Damn Hill The fourth season of the Netflix series got stuck on repeat.
  35. tearing you asunder
    Stranger Things 4’s Most and Least Devastating DeathsRanked by tears shed and byes waved.
  36. reset point
    7 Big Questions About That Umbrella Academy EndingThe Hargreeves siblings may be cool with simply accepting this new reality, but the rest of us have some follow-ups.
  37. endings
    Let’s Discuss Borgen’s Unsurprising Surprise EndingOn paper, Power & Glory’s final move is the least shocking twist the revival season could’ve offered. So why does it feel so unreal?
  38. finales
    Barry Doesn’t Let Us Turn AwayA trio of carefully crafted scenes in the season finale compels us to confront the consequences of killing.
  39. close read
    The Winds Have Shifted for Jimmy and Kim on Better Call SaulVisual cues and callbacks illuminate the dark implications of that shocking ending.
  40. the pg-13 multiverse
    Sam Raimi Exploding Superheroes’ Heads in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is Good, ActuallyThe MCU has always been about death as an abstract form of entertainment, but Multiverse of Madness gets darkly, and thrillingly, literal.
  41. a spoiler in the bone
    What to Expect in Outlander Season 7, According to the BooksThe supersized seventh season is still far off on the horizon, but thanks to Diana Gabaldon’s novels, we don’t have to wait to find out what happens.
  42. spoilers
    Ozark’s Finale Gave Us Shock Without SubstanceThe Netflix thriller’s final moments are emblematic of what often made the show more frustrating than fulfilling.
  43. moonqueen
    Yes, Oscar Isaac Is Also Obsessed With Drag RaceSpotted watching the season finale in a gay bar in Brooklyn.
  44. spoilers
    Anatomy of a Scandal’s Final Line Achieves GreatnessGreatness in the category of ‘Most Absurd Ending.’
  45. delayed gratification
    Severance Earned Its Cliffhanger EndingIt’s understandable to feel resentful of the abrupt denial of closure. It’s also the point.
  46. spoilers
    The Ultimatum’s Madlyn Made Her Finale Decision the Night Before“I really did the pros and cons, but it came down to me saying, Can I walk away from him?
  47. chat room
    Severance’s Britt Lower on Helly’s ‘Worst Nightmare’“I have seen the enemy, and it is me.”
  48. severance
    What Is Lumon Industries Up to on Severance?What do brain surgery and baby goats have to do with serving Kier? Allow us to theorize.
  49. q&b
    Bridgerton’s Bee Is Ready for His Close-upWe hover with season two’s buzziest star to discuss his expanded dual role and alarmingly deep research process.
  50. thrilling content
    Brace Yourself for The Gilded Age Finale’s Most Intense MomentsZut alors! Le French chef is a fraud!
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