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  1. spoilers
    Andor’s Post-Credits Reveal Is Perfect, and Perfectly AndorSo that’s what the Narkina 5 prisoners were making …
  2. tv review
    Andor Is the Cure for Star Wars EnnuiThe franchise hasn’t felt this challenging, invigorating, or dangerous in quite some time.
  3. nicki voice: it’s the remix
    Rogue One to Be Rereleased With a Sneak Peek at Prequel Series AndorAhead of the Disney+ series’ September 21 premiere.
  4. the rise of skywalker
    The 50 Greatest Star Wars Moments, RankedThe Force is strong with these ones.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Star Wars Movie, RankedFrom The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker.
  6. star wars
    Diego Luna to Star in Rogue One Prequel Series on Disney Streaming ServiceDisney+ adds another one.
  7. do robots dream of cgi versions of famous actresses from the 80s
    Male Stars Get to Age. Women Get CGI Re-creations of Their Younger Selves.Male actors get to reprise their famous roles again and again, while women must be content to see their hottest selves frozen in digital amber.
  8. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: July 2017Lion, Rogue One, and more.
  9. How Animators Created That Intense Rogue One Space Battle▶️ Our Behind the Movies series investigates that memorable collision from the end of Rogue One.
  10. the creative process
    A Starbucks Order Mangling Gave a Rogue One Planet Its NameGareth … Scarif. Pretty close.
  11. your box office explained
    Split Was the Weekend’s Box-Office HitSplit won the weekend, but Hidden Figures and La La Land held steady.
  12. close reads
    Pop Culture Can’t Escape Donald TrumpOn seeing the political climate in everything.
  13. rogue one
    Rogue One’s Editors Discuss Infamous Reshoots“There’s no mythical four-hour cut, it doesn’t exist.”
  14. chat room
    Alan Tudyk on Rogue One, K-2SO, and Stilts“The stilts were a pain in the ass to take off.”
  15. roll clip!
    Rogue One Gets Opening Crawl in Fan-Made VideoAh, sweet extensive exposition, there you are.
  16. rogue one
    Rogue One’s Original Ending Was Very DifferentSpoiler alert.
  17. chat room
    Riz Ahmed on Rogue One, Sweeping Reshoots, and His Breakthrough Year“I’ve got to be honest, the character was a different character at one point.”
  18. rogue one
    The Star Wars Opening-Crawl Creator Is Pissed“I couldn’t imagine [Rogue One] starting without that. It’s foolish.”
  19. multi-hyphenates
    Actor Dermot Mulroney Played the Part of Unseen Cello Player in Rogue OneHe was the 11th chair in the cello section of the soundtrack’s orchestra.
  20. losing their religion
    Sorry, Faithful Nerds: Commission Rules ‘Jediism’ Is Not a Real ReligionThe faith force is not with you.
  21. vulture originals
    9 Posters That Prove Rogue One’s K-2SO Is a StarYou’ve see The Sopranos, but what about The K-2SOpranos?
  22. your box office explained
    Was Rogue One’s Box Office Solid or Sensational?$155 million is a lot of money. But is it Star Wars money?
  23. jedi movie reviews
    So, What Does Mark Hamill Think of Rogue One?Seeking that sweet, sweet Luke Skywalker seal of approval.
  24. star wars
    Are These Rogue One Characters Gay?Spoilers and speculation.
  25. back from the dead
    How Did Rogue One Legally Re-create the Late Peter Cushing?On the new frontiers of nostalgia.
  26. rogue one
    Rogue One Has the First Good Star Wars RetconIt’s no “Han shot first,” thank the Force.
  27. the strategist
    Star Wars Your Entire House With This 6-Room, 72-Item Home-Makeover GuideMay the Force, and also a Darth Vader showerhead, be with you.
  28. rogue one
    Felicity Jones Could Reportedly Return to Star WarsDespite the fact that there’s no Rogue One sequel planned.
  29. rogue one
    All the Bits From the Rogue One Trailers That Weren’t in the MovieWhere was that TIE Fighter?
  30. rogue one
    All the Star Wars Easter Eggs in Rogue OneDid you catch Ponda Baba?
  31. let us discuss
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Rogue OneThere will be spoilers, obviously.
  32. chat room
    Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn on Vader and His Cape“That cape is, and you’ll pardon my language, a motherf**king movie star.”
  33. rogue one
    Be Wary of Star Wars’ Politics of ViolenceIt’s not right-wing or left-wing, but it’s still political.
  34. movie review
    Movie Review: Star Wars: Rogue OneI found the first two-thirds of Rogue One pretty bad, but I have to admit that the last part caught me up.
  35. review roundup
    Review Roundup: Rogue One Is Fun, But FamiliarIt’s more polarizing than last year’s Force Awakens.
  36. chat room
    Gareth Edwards on Rogue One, Diversity, ReshootsStar Wars is so rich and it seems crazy that everyone’s, like, a white male guy.”
  37. a guide to recognizing your gar(e)ths
    How to Tell Garth Davis From Gareth EdwardsA Guide to Recognizing Your Gar(e)ths.
  38. explainers
    Explaining Rogue One’s Jyn Erso, Who Is Not ReyTo be fair, they are both translucent British brunettes.
  39. last night on late night
    Riz Ahmed Did the Impossible: Rhymed Something With ‘Calrissian’“Leia’s a heartbreaker, left him out of breath, wheezing like Darth Vader.”
  40. When Does Rogue One Take Place, More QuestionsDon’t be ashamed if you’re confused.
  41. we are all going to die
    Disney Turned Epcot’s Dome Into The Death StarSupreme Leader Snoke’s plan is unfolding perfectly.
  42. a rogue one indeed
    Rogue One Is Showing That Veteran Directors Still MatterThe increasing involvement of Tony Gilroy is a point in favor of experience.
  43. rogue one
    Watch Felicity Jones Whup Stormtroopers in New Rogue One ClipIt’s a fun little bit!
  44. last night on late night
    Felicity Jones Fights, Debuts New Rogue One ClipLots of fighting.
  45. rogue one
    There Won’t Be a Rogue One Sequel to Further Confuse YouCancel your Rogue Two jokes.
  46. rogue one
    Rogue One Sold a Whole Lot of Tickets AlreadyFandango: “Within minutes of going on sale, we sold hundreds of thousands of tickets.”
  47. trailer mix
    The New Rogue One Teaser Has Good Droid StuffNothing says resistance like being forced to resist.
  48. big tickets
    Rogue One Tickets Go on Sale MondayLucasfilm to release advance tickets November 28.
  49. the trumpire strikes back
    Rogue One Writers Share Anti-Trump Rebel Logo *Mechanical breathing sounds* I am your president.
  50. trailer mix
    The Death Star Strikes in the New Rogue One TrailerAnd is that Jyn’s mom?
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