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  1. art
    Felix Gonzalez-Torres Never Saw This Work EitherNearly 30 years after the artist’s death, David Zwirner stages two pieces never manifested during his lifetime. How should we think about them?
  2. tv review
    Poker Face Shows Its HandRian Johnson’s murder anti-mystery is direct, sturdy, and radically uninterested in catching viewers by surprise.
  3. theater
    The Name on Everybody’s Lips Is JinkxieThe Drag Race champ says she’s “always aspired to be washed-up.” In Chicago, she’s definitely the star.
  4. movie review
    Skinamarink Isn’t Like Other Horror MoviesKyle Edward Ball’s viral indie sensation has an analog aesthetic but was very much born from the internet.
  5. dance
    What Makes a Justin Peck a Justin PeckAccording to the New York City Ballet’s principal dancers, soloists, pianist, his wife — and Justin Peck.
  6. media
    An Evening With Parapraxis, a New Magazine for the New Freud CrowdA just-launched publication revels in a psychoanalysis renaissance.
  7. profile
    Sarah Sherman’s Beautiful MindFor her, comedy is all about putting on a show — and being absolutely disgusting.
  8. vulture picks
    25 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksThat ’90s Show, another whodunit from the creator of Glass Onion, Mac DeMarco’s latest album, and more.
  9. movie review
    Plane GoodPlane is a movie for your lizard brain — the part of you that craves basic sensations. The part that expresses itself in grunts.
  10. close reads
    The Winners and Losers of Prince Harry’s SpareWinner: Stewie.
  11. tv review
    The Last of Us Will Invade Your PsycheThe HBO video-game adaptation is a reminder of how effective postapocalyptic storytelling can be no matter how well trod the territory.
  12. opera review
    The Met’s New Fedora Is Almost Luxe, Almost Enough“David McVicar’s new production for the Metropolitan Opera gets partway to the right degree of too much.”
  13. profile
    Allison Williams Comes AliveThe star of the already viral M3gan has made a career of subverting her own image.
  14. backstories
    Glass Onion Isn’t Trying to Trick YouAccording to director Rian Johnson, every twist in his sequel is right in front of your face.
  15. screen time
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Feature-Length Movie With AISome argue that AI is too derivative. But in Hollywood, shallow riffing on preexisting IP is a lucrative skill.
  16. set visit
    Step Inside the Christmas Movie Industrial ComplexMade-for-TV holiday films don’t simply arrive on your parents’ TV or Jodie Sweetin’s IMDb page fully formed. Here’s how they’re made.
  17. the group portrait
    Bookforum Was a Good MagazineAfter 28 years, a beloved hub of literary New York closes its doors.
  18. encounter
    Bob Gottlieb vs. Bob CaroThe 91-year-old book editor would like his 87-year-old star writer to finish his latest book.
  19. podcast review
    The Evaporated Takes Us Into a Sociological MysteryTokyo Vice’s Jake Adelstein explores the Japanese phenomenon of disappearing yourself.
  20. the year of the nepo baby
    These Magazines Ran on Nepo BabiesRevisiting the golden age of celebrity magazine interns — from a Springsteen at Rolling Stone to a Hanks at Vanity Fair.
  21. the year of the nepo baby
    How a Nepo Baby Is BornHollywood has always loved the children of famous people. In 2022, the internet reduced them to two little words.
  22. the year of the nepo baby
    Fashion Loves a Familiar FaceA guide to the ever-expanding world of nepo baby models, from Kaia Gerber to Lila Grace Moss.
  23. the year of the nepo baby
    Can There Be Nepotism in Sports? Just Look at the NBA.Ranking some of the best sons in the league.
  24. the year of the nepo baby
    Nobody Loves a Nepo Baby Like Ryan MurphyIn his series American Horror Story, the super-producer can’t help but sprinkle insider youths with recognizable last names into the credits.
  25. the year of the nepo baby
    Support a Nepo Baby This Holiday SeasonSomething you can buy for a loved one and say, “This is so-and-so’s kid’s brand!”
  26. the year of the nepo baby
    Where Should You Send Your Nepo Baby to High School?They can’t just go anywhere a normal kid would go.
  27. the year of the nepo baby
    An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-VerseActors, singers, directors who just happen to be the children of actors, singers, directors.
  28. movie review
    Avatar: The Way of Water Is James Cameron’s Most Personal FilmIt’s also, as you might suspect, spectacular.
  29. a long talk
    Park Chan-wook Leaves You HangingHis latest film, Decision to Leave, may be romantic, but that doesn’t mean the director is done with extreme violence.
  30. album review
    SZA Wants It AllSOS processes loss and success and pain and desire from the middle of millions of ogling eyes.
  31. best of 2022
    The Best Theater of 2022We’ll never return to whatever normal was, but there’s been lots to root for amid the flux.
  32. best of 2022
    Did We Want Too Much From Movies in 2022?Our film critics continue to chase that feeling of being utterly obliterated by what they see onscreen.
  33. best of 2022
    The Best Movies of 2022As the iron grip streaming held on our culture loosened this past year, the theatrical experience reestablished itself.
  34. best of 2022
    The Best New York Art Shows of 2022Gonzo quilting, Mayan sculpture, and one wild, egalitarian group show made this a great year to hit the galleries.
  35. best of 2022
    The Best Video Games of 2022In a year devoid of many major blockbusters, eccentric titles had their time to shine.
  36. best of 2022
    The Best Songs of 2022This year’s music provided a fleeting and desperately needed moment of salvation.
  37. best of 2022
    The Best Albums of 2022The question of how to find peace hung heavily over the year’s most impactful records.
  38. best of 2022
    The Best Podcasts of 2022Forget the celebrity brand extensions. The art of podcasting is still as vibrant as ever.
  39. best of 2022
    In 2022, Good TV Was a Gut FeelingOur critics break down what goes into naming the best of the year.
  40. vulture lists
    The Best Books of 2022Yes, this list features more than one book set in a postapocalyptic world, but have you looked around lately?
  41. best of 2022
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2022The year’s best releases had some urgency behind their existence: capturing this thing at this moment.
  42. best of 2022
    The Best TV of 2022Television’s future looks hazier than ever, but these shows make a clear case for optimism.
  43. profile
    Brace Yourself for Jordan E. Cooper’s Ain’t No Mo’In his bawdy Broadway debut, no one is safe.
  44. comedy review
    Matt Rogers Makes the Yuletide GayThe comedian’s special, Have You Heard of Christmas?, is the gift that keeps on giving.
  45. book review
    Kathy Acker Wanted EverythingEat Your Mind, a new biography of the writer and punk feminist icon, is both maddening and compulsively readable.
  46. movie review
    Devotion Tells a Quieter Kind of War StoryJonathan Majors and Glen Powell shine in J.D. Dillard’s Korean War Movie
  47. honorary degree
    Lee Pace Stays Just Out of ReachThe recipient of this year’s very official Vulture Honorary Degree is a master at making us want more of him.
  48. profile
    The Spectacular Life of Octavia E. ButlerThe story of the girl who grew up in Pasadena, took the bus, loved her mom and grandmother, and wrote herself into the world.
  49. first person
    The Butler Journal Entry I Always Return ToThis page of the author’s journal is riveting for how it upends any tradition of shame around a relentless desire for success.
  50. close reads
    Misreading Octavia ButlerThe slavery interpretation the author couldn’t escape.
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