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  1. spoilers
    Andor’s Post-Credits Reveal Is Perfect, and Perfectly AndorSo that’s what the Narkina 5 prisoners were making …
  2. easter eggs
    7 Marvel Easter Eggs in Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverFrom Scott Lang’s podcast to the M-word (mutant) to the cultural roots of an A.I.’s name.
  3. easter eggs
    All the Black Adam Easter Eggs You Might Have MissedLet’s break down the Easter eggs referencing Black Adam and the Justice Society’s comic-book pasts and cinematic futures.
  4. easter eggs
    Breaking Down the She-Hulk Finale’s Most Meta Easter EggsThe season ends by smashing the fourth wall and winking hard at its MCU overlords.
  5. easter eggs
    Why That Old-Timey Pistol at the End of Prey Looks So FamiliarFast forward to Los Angeles in 1997.
  6. foreshadowing
    Jordan Peele Shared One Last Nope Easter EggEnjoy the opening credits to Gordy’s Home!
  7. deep dives
    A Guide to the References and Easter Eggs in Jordan Peele’s NopeFrom Buck and the Preacher to the Jesus Lizard and the work of Steven Spielberg.
  8. do ny cheap
    RIP Thrifty Boy: Nathan Fielder’s Fake Blog’s Greatest HitsThe Rehearsal’s funniest Easter egg is also its cheapest.
  9. easter eggs
    8 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in Thor: Love and ThunderFrom screaming goats to familiar faces in the Hall of Legends.
  10. dungeons & dragons & references
    Stranger Things 4’s Most Notable Nods to ’80s Pop CultureAn episode-by-episode guide to this season’s key references, from “Running Up That Hill” to Lite-Brite.
  11. easter eggs
    20 of the Strangest Cameos and Easter Eggs in Multiverse of MadnessAn exhaustive list of cameos and references to guide you through the madness.
  12. citizen saul
    A Deep Dive Into Better Call Saul’s Colorful Cold OpenCo-creator and writer Peter Gould and director Michael Morris break down the Easter egg–packed scene that kicks off the final season in style.
  13. easter eggs
    6 Spider-Man and Venom References You May Have Missed in MorbiusFrom Daily Bugle sightings to mutterings about San Francisco, here are all the Easter eggs in the new Spidey spinoff movie.
  14. easter eggs
    The Book of Boba Fett Went Deep With This Droid CameoSay hi to RX-24, a.k.a. DJ R-3X!
  15. spider-man: no way home
    All the Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in Spider-Man: No Way HomeAn Aunt May and Doc Ock romance, a Kraven the Hunter cameo, and more of the comics, video game, and MCU meta references in the latest Spidey sequel.
  16. easter eggs
    Nine Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in EternalsIncluding a doorway to the horror side of the Marvel universe, hints about Thor: Love and Thunder, Thena and Kro’s romantic history, and more.
  17. easter eggs
    All the Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in Venom: Let There Be CarnageFrom Eddie Brock’s salute to Beverly Hills Cop to the grim fate of Detective Mulligan, all the hints, references, and comics callbacks in Venom 2.
  18. easter eggs
    Everything You Didn’t Notice About the World of Free GuyTo build Free City, production designer Ethan Tobman contemplated simulation theory, looked at Nan Goldin photos, and played video games for days.
  19. the vest
    An Exhaustive List of All the Easter Eggs in Black WidowHere’s to that vest and that box of blonde hair dye.
  20. easter eggs
    Chris Hemsworth Had a Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Loki CameoAs Frog Thor, Throg.
  21. easter eggs
    Every Pop-Culture Easter Egg in The Mitchells vs. the MachinesProtagonist Katie Mitchell’s short films alone are cultural-reference-laden bonanzas worth dissecting.
  22. monkey fight lizard
    Every Single (Kaiju-Size) Easter Egg in Godzilla vs. KongWe went hunting for buried movie treasure while the monsters were fighting.
  23. the snyder cut
    Every Single Easter Egg in Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueDouble the run time, double the Easter eggs! We’ve scouted out some of the movie’s most exciting cameos and hidden gems.
  24. easter eggs
    All the WandaVision Easter Eggs You Might Have MissedAs with everything Marvel, scratch the surface of this show and you’ll find a host of nods to both comics and MCU history.
  25. easter eggs
    What Are the Commercials in WandaVision Telling Us?Are we overanalyzing? Maybe. But that’s all part of the fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  26. easter eggs
    Your Mandalorian Season Two Crossover GuideAs The Mandalorian increasingly converges with Dave Filoni’s animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels, here’s the backstory you need to know.
  27. peek-a-boo!
    All the Haunting of Bly Manor Hidden Ghost Sightings You May Have MissedSure, that plague doctor seems to be lurking around every corner, but he’s far from alone.
  28. netflix
    There’s a Da 5 Bloods Post-Credit ‘Scene’ But You Probably Won’t See ItNetflix’s autoplay will see to that.
  29. easter eggs
    Every Breaking Bad Crossover Character in Better Call SaulFrom fan favorites to bit-parters, Better Call Saul is packed with cameos from Breaking Bad.
  30. easter eggs
    Every Easter Egg in Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ Music VideoPrepare to Harriet the Spy the crap out of this thing.
  31. deep dives
    All the Easter Eggs and Hidden References in Sonic the HedgehogFrom Badniks to the Green Hill Zone.
  32. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Netflix’s Locke & Key Is HereLot of doors in here.
  33. easter eggs
    How Watchmen Built Out Its Universe With PeteypediaLoremaster Jeff Jensen walks us through the show’s supplementary materials, from the Doctor Manhattan dildo to Lube Man’s identity.
  34. deep dives
    All the Easter Eggs and Hidden References in Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerFrom a punctuation mark we don’t often see to a John Williams tune we don’t often hear.
  35. easter eggs
    A Guide to Watchmen’s Stealth Easter EggsThe HBO series is packed with subtle background references to the original comic. Here, some of the deepest deep cuts you may have missed.
  36. watchmen
    Let’s Crack Open Watchmen’s Egg SymbolismEggs have been a key part of Watchmen’s iconography since the first episode, often in a not particularly subtle way.
  37. vulture lists
    Every Stephen King Reference and Easter Egg in Castle Rock Season TwoThe Hulu series brings one of King’s most iconic characters to the town of Castle Rock, but season two’s name-dropping goes well beyond Annie Wilkes.
  38. spoilers
    How Watchmen Set Up That Big TwistThe entire season has been laying the groundwork for a major character reveal. Let’s review the hints we got along the way.
  39. my single is dropping
    Niall Horan’s New Music Video Is Full of Easter Eggs“Nice to Meet Ya” has clues to other songs on the new album.
  40. vulture guides
    What Is Every Song on Taylor Swift’s Lover Actually About?Presenting the Sparknotes version of Lover: All the important themes and hidden messages behind each song, and nothing more.
  41. vulture investigates
    What Is Taylor Swift’s ‘The Archer’ All About? An InvestigationOh dear God, now we’ve drifted into zodiac clues.
  42. easter eggs
    You Can Call Stranger Things 3’s Murray Bauman, But He Doesn’t Want to Chat“Hang up and never call here again! You are a parasite!”
  43. easter eggs
    Every Pop-Culture Reference We Spotted in Stranger Things 3The 1980s cultural shoutouts go way beyond John Carpenter homages (though there are plenty of those, too).
  44. easter eggs
    5 Toy Story 4 Easter Eggs You Might Have MissedThere’s a Dinoco gas station, of course, and the Pizza Planet truck. But did you see the grape soda cap from Up?
  45. easter eggs
    Every Easter Egg in Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Music VideoMore fodder for the Kaylor truthers awaits.
  46. egg hunting
    Every Hidden Easter Egg in Black Mirror Season 5Did you spot them all?
  47. monsterverse
    Godzilla: King of the Monsters Credits Scene (and Other Easter Eggs), ExplainedHere’s our fittingly titan-size list of all of the MonsterVerse Easter eggs, ending with our best theories on what that post-credits scene means.
  48. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones and the Function of Finale CallbacksLike many contemporary TV finales, “The Iron Throne” nodded to the series’ history as a means of providing closure for the story and fans alike.
  49. callbacks
    The 9 Best Easter Eggs in the Veep FinaleDid you catch all these callbacks to previous episodes?
  50. down the rabbit hole
    An Exhaustive List of All the Easter Eggs in Avengers: EndgameAllow us to explain over 50 of the comic book references and hidden messages baked into the three-hour-long movie.
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