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30 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Winter

With new releases from Bora Chung, Matthew Salesses, Prince Harry, Kashana Cauley, Cormac McCarthy, and more.
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The Best Books of 2022 (So Far)

A few novels, a transcendent memoir, and an old Greek tale to enjoy by the fire.
best of 2022

The Best Comedy Books of 2022 (So Far)

Featuring funny haikus, an SNL alum’s memoir, and an academic exploration of right-wing humor.
  1. going analog
    Patti Smith’s Worldview Finds a New Format in the Beautiful A Book of DaysThe punk icon’s visual artistry is on full display in her new photography collection.
  2. book review
    Kathy Acker Wanted EverythingEat Your Mind, a new biography of the writer and punk feminist icon, is both maddening and compulsively readable.
  3. disrespect the classics
    Bob Dylan Hopes to ‘Rectify’ Book-Signature Controversy ‘Immediately’After Simon & Schuster offered refunds for $599 auto-signed editions of his new book.
  4. encounter
    Allie Rowbottom Is No Botox MoralistHer new novel, Aesthetica, is a deft horror story about how far we can take our clout-chasing.
  5. vulture lists
    10 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthMatthew Perry, Haruki Murakami, Deuxmoi, and more.
  6. booktok
    Big on BookTok: What Happens When an Unexpected Audience Embraces Your WorkChelsea Summers never expected her novel, about a menopausal food critic who kills and eats her ex-lovers, to find a wellspring of Gen-Z enthusiasm.
  7. profile
    The Spectacular Life of Octavia E. ButlerThe story of the girl who grew up in Pasadena, took the bus, loved her mom and grandmother, and wrote herself into the world.
  8. first person
    The Butler Journal Entry I Always Return ToThis page of the author’s journal is riveting for how it upends any tradition of shame around a relentless desire for success.
  9. close reads
    Misreading Octavia ButlerThe slavery interpretation the author couldn’t escape.
  10. books
    How to Write Like Octavia E. ButlerA few artists on how the author’s work has inspired them.
  11. coming soon
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians Is Happening, Thank GodsJay Duplass and Timothy Omundson have joined as Hades and Hephaestus, respectively.
  12. glamorous jobs
    Passion Doesn’t Pay the BillsHarperCollins employees strike for a fair contract in an industry notorious for underpaying and overworking its staff.
  13. books
    Hilary Duff Calls Aaron Carter’s Posthumous Memoir ‘Unverified Clickbait’The memoir’s publication has been delayed, “out of respect for the Carter family.”
  14. trailer mix
    Nothing in Life Is Promised Except an Elena Ferrante Screen AdaptationThe Lying Life of Adults, the dreamy Netflix series adapting the author’s latest novel, arrives on January 4.
  15. close reads
    The Velveteen Rabbit Was Always More Than a Children’s BookWritten for her daughter, Margery Williams Bianco’s hundred-year-old story is a memorial to what we all lose in exchange for adulthood.
  16. the way of reading
    A Scrapped Avatar Sequel Is Becoming a Graphic NovelSorry movie fans, you’ll have to read this one.
  17. must reads
    6 New Books You Should Read This NovemberIncluding an unconventional spy novel, a self-conscious ode to Stephen Sondheim, and the origin story of Legos.
  18. celebrity on celebrities
    Here’s What Matthew Perry Has to Say About Various Celebrities in His MemoirThe Keanu Reeves stuff is just the tip of the iceberg.
  19. letters home
    Cecilia Gentili Opens Her Burn BookWith her scathing new memoir, Faltas, the artist and policy advocate chronicles childhood experiences with rape, transphobia, and colorism.
  20. book review
    In Surrender, Bono Embraces His ContradictionsThe U2 frontman does not shy away from blunt self-reflection in his poetic and very Bono memoir.
  21. book wars
    Judge Shuts Book on Penguin Random House–Simon & Schuster MergerPenguin Random House has vowed to fight the ruling.
  22. best of 2022
    The Best Horror Novels of 2022 (So Far)In the mood for some transgressive splatterpunk?
  23. haunted houses
    Shirley Jackson Captured What Every Housewife Knows About Gothic HorrorThe late author conjured up the kind of hauntedness that only a homemaker acquainted with the complications of domestic comforts could imagine.
  24. chapters
    To Fix the Broken Game of Thrones Pilot, HBO Called on Its Secret WeaponThe blockbuster dragon show may have never taken flight if not for the efforts of a trusted fill-in director.
  25. respect the classics
    The 13 Best U2 Stories From Bono’s Memoir, SurrenderWe’ve found what you’re looking for.
  26. chapters
    When Real Life Is Scarier Than a Slasher MovieThe Friday the 13th franchise soothed a queer kid growing up during the panic of the AIDS epidemic.
  27. vulture 10x10
    The West Side Puzzle16-Across, Five Letters: YOLO, to Drake circa 2012.
  28. fire and blood
    Who’s Who in Westeros: A House of the Dragon Character GuideKeeping up with the Targaryens after episode eight.
  29. so ‘90s
    Matthew Perry ‘Actually’ Likes Keanu Reeves, Despite What He Said in His Book“I should have just used my own name.”
  30. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Prince Harry’s Ready to Spill the Royal Tea in SpareThe tell-all memoir hits shelves January 10.
  31. vulture lists
    60 Page-to-Screen Adaptations to Add to Your 2022 Reading ListGuillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities and Pinocchio, She Said, and more.
  32. fire & blood
    House of the Dragon’s Biggest Book OmissionsSeven Fire & Blood details that could’ve made these characters’ bonds more tangible, their romances more sensual, and their losses more tragic.
  33. vulture guides
    A Guide to Stephen King Audiobooks Read by Stephen King ActorsFeaturing Kathy Bates, Sissy Spacek, Tim Curry, and more.
  34. ex-wife guy
    Jesse Eisenberg Summons Divorced-Man Energy for Fleishman Is in TroubleThe new trailer teases so many themes, topics, and ideas that it covers, well, “everything.”
  35. cohorts rise
    Colleen Hoover, Belle of BookTok, Is Keeping Printers in BusinessSelling a record-breaking 800,000 copies of her new book in 24 hours.
  36. booktok
    Colleen Hoover Picks Her Riskiest, Buzziest, and Most Romantic NovelsThe reigning queen of the best-seller list reflects on which of her books warrants a sequel — and which one could use a rewrite.
  37. emoting
    Relentless Angst and Uniformly Excellent SexHow Colleen Hoover became the undisputed queen of BookTok.
  38. snape’s snipes
    Alan Rickman’s Decades-Old Diaries Are Still Hot GossSnape snipe snippets.
  39. sexcerpt
    The Best Sex I’ve Ever Read: A Breastfeeding Housewife’s Nostalgic Lust“I often think of this passage from Bird because of how uncomfortable it made me,” says Three Women author Lisa Taddeo, “and how much I like that.”
  40. sobriety
    Matthew Perry Spent $9 Million Getting SoberBut he is currently 18 months clean.
  41. books
    Salman Rushdie Has Lost Use of One Hand, Lost Vision in One EyeHe is still recovering from the attack in August.
  42. adaptations
    ‘People Go Out, Come Back, Because It’s Too Much’Ivo van Hove’s staging of A Little Life immerses audience members in its main character’s suffering.
  43. dr. mad-hatin’
    Who Watches the Watchmen? Not Alan MooreDamon Lindelof tried to appease the writer with a Dr. Manhattan–blue apron, which Moore found “embarrassing.”
  44. y2k
    Cameron Diaz Helped Harry Potter FlyWell, a photo of her on a green screen set did.
  45. chapters
    ‘What Do I Really Know About the ’80s?’Ralph Macchio lived in a 1980s bubble, positioned too far inside the era to be well versed on the enduring nostalgia for it.
  46. vulture lists
    Now That We’re All Epidemiologists, Here Are 9 Books to Further Your StudiesHistories of how we’ve handled viruses in the past that just might give a glimmer of hope for how we’ll respond when the next pandemic arrives.
  47. vulture 10x10
    The Bookstore Puzzle20-Down, Four Letters: Black Phillip in The Witch, for one.
  48. must reads
    7 Books You Should Read This OctoberA blistering send-up of youthful pretension, a masterful novel about privilege and loneliness, an unrelentingly paced story collection, and more.
  49. future trash
    John Waters, Pope of Filth, to Direct Adaptation of His Book Liarmouth“Maybe it’s fitting that my novel was shocking enough to jump-start the engine of my film career.”
  50. awards
    Autofiction Writer Annie Ernaux Awarded the Nobel Prize in LiteratureBest known for her memoir The Years.
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