Avatar: The Way Of Water

James Cameron has been pushing back movies since before it was cool. Thirteen years after the original Avatar became the highest-grossing film worldwide, its sequel will finally hit theaters. Will audiences flock back to Pandora? They’d better — if this one makes money, more installments in the Avatar saga will arrive every two years until 2028. — Nate Jones, "20 Movies We Can’t Wait to See This Winter"

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    Avatar: The Way of Water Crosses $2 Billion Mark Over Lunar New YearIt’s the sixth movie ever to do so.
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    An Extremely Thorough Avatar: The Way of Water Gift GuideFeaturing ornaments, T-shirts, and a candle that smells like a theme park that smells like a fictional place.
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    Some Native Americans Are Boycotting Avatar 2Over resurfaced comments from director James Cameron.
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    Billy Zane Answers Every Question We Have About TitanicThe ever-quotable Cal Hockley on flipping that table in front of Kate Winslet, the props he took from set, and inspiring so much hatred.
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    Avatar: The Way of Water Grosses $435 Million Globally on Opening WeekendThat’s almost a quarter of what the film needs to make for Cameron to consider it a success.
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    Oscar Futures: Can Avatar: The Way of Water Crack the Best Picture Race?The original Avatar came close to winning Best Picture. Way of Water will be a presence in the race, too.
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    Avatar: The Way of the Water Still Captivates, Even When It’s Silly“I think you’re gonna laugh when this whale first starts talking, but by the end … you’re gonna cry.”
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    Avatar: The Way of Water Is James Cameron’s Most Personal FilmIt’s also, as you might suspect, spectacular.
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    Sigourney Weaver, 6 Feet, Knows How Being a 14-Year-Old Na’vi, 9 Feet, Feels“I was this tall when I was 11,” the Avatar 2 star told Colbert. “I was like this giant spider.”
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    Sorry, But Avatar Still RulesJames Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster is back in theaters to remind us how special and spectacular it is.
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    Rogue One to Be Rereleased With a Sneak Peek at Prequel Series AndorAhead of the Disney+ series’ September 21 premiere.
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    James Cameron May ‘Pass the Baton’ to Another Director for Avatar 4 and 5“I’ll want to pass the baton to a director that I trust to take over.”
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    Sigourney Weaver Will Be De-aged and Na’vi’d for Avatar 2What in the Polar Express …
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    Avatar: The Way of Water Teaser Is Bringing Seapunk Back, BabyIt’s actually cerulean.