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  1. yawn solo
    Harrison Ford Isn’t Anxious. You’re Just Boring.In a searingly honest confessional, the 80-year-old actor came out … as not having social anxiety.
  2. not-so-happy trails
    Kevin Costner Is Quiet Quitting Yellowstone and Taking the Show Down With HimWhen Kevin Costner closes a door, Matthew McConaughey opens a window.
  3. chat room
    M3gan’s Brian Jordan Alvarez Welcomes Our AI Overlords“Be M3gan. Be more M3gan.”
  4. sundance 2023
    As Seen at SundanceThe talk of the ski town at this year’s film festival.
  5. coming soon
    Save the Date for Party Down Season 3Soup R’ Crackers? In this climate?
  6. crane family reunion
    He’s Still Listening: Frasier Is Getting a Paramount+ RevivalAnders Keith has been cast as Niles and Daphne’s son, David.
  7. sundance 2023
    Sundance, Day Four: Joey Soloway’s House Party and a Missing Dakota JohnsonSaying good-bye to Sundance with rubber ducks, queer horror filmmakers, and a bottle of tequila.
  8. park city confidential
    Sundance, Day 3: Zooming With Judy Blume and Mothering With Mia GothInfinity Pool is creepy, the Judy Blume documentary is fun, and the Meredith Marks party has gossip.
  9. park city confidential
    Sundance, Day Two: FBI Cover-Ups and White Claw Police RaidsFrom a Real Housewife’s boutique to Rupi Kaur’s pita-chips poetry. Also: a documentary.
  10. park city confidential
    Sundance Returns with Cannibalism Comedy and the Indigo Girls[Indigo Girls Voice] We went back to the mountains and found some pretty good Armie Hammer jokes.
  11. we come to this place
    Do Any of Netflix’s 2023 Movies Know When a Movie Feels Like a Movie?Netflix’s latest “save the dates” reel of upcoming original features looks mighty suspicious.
  12. blabbermouths
    Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?L-to-the-O-G off, Brian.
  13. edelwhy
    Do Re Mi Fa So Anyway the Von Trapps Are Prestige-TV-Dramafying ThemselvesBaron von Trapp’s great-great-grandson would like the show to star Meryl Streep … as Maria’s daughter-in-law.
  14. sundance 2023
    22 Movies We Can’t Wait to See at Sundance 2023From Cat Person (starring Cousin Greg) to the new Nicole Holofcener to an Ottessa Moshfegh–Anne Hathaway collaboration and more.
  15. surprise bitch
    Romance Novelist Susan Meachen Explains Why She Un-Unalived HerselfShe’s so much happier now that she’s undead.
  16. woke moment!
    And Just Like That … to Re-Reunite Carrie and AidanThe popular ex’s return is now Instagram official.
  17. buzz! buzz!
    Citizen Detectives, Get SleuthingYellowjackets is already leaving us with more questions than answers about our favorite not-not-cannibal girls.
  18. aca-butthurt
    Adam DeVine Is ‘Butt Hurt,’ and the Nation Weeps“Obviously, this news is the loosest butthole,” said the traumatized Workaholics actor.
  19. kitchen nightmares
    Noma, The Menu-est of Restaurants, Is ClosingAfter an epic roast by Lydia Tár, René Redzepi is shuttering his legendary Copenhagen dining destination.
  20. 2une
    Everything We Know About How Dune 2 Is Doin’“Dune DUne DUNE dUNE dun3” is getting a Part Two TWo TWO tWO tw2.
  21. my jake!
    Everything We Know About Avatar 3What’s a “seed bearer”?
  22. acme+
    16 Seasons of Looney Tunes Vamoose From HBO MaxHundreds of shorts boarded the Infinity Train.
  23. vulture lists
    Cinema’s Bluest Characters, RankedGonzo versus Genie versus Avatar versus a bunch of X-Men.
  24. coming soon
    Hugh Jackman to Dust Off Those Wolverine Sideburns for Deadpool 3“Ten being really close, zero being the reality, we’re zero. We’re opposites, hate each other.”
  25. set visit
    Step Inside the Christmas Movie Industrial ComplexMade-for-TV holiday films don’t simply arrive on your parents’ TV or Jodie Sweetin’s IMDb page fully formed. Here’s how they’re made.
  26. trailer mix
    The New That ’90s Show Trailer Welcomes You to Chez FezTopher Grace, Laura Prepon, and most of the original cast will return.
  27. snl
    SNL’s 21 Cecily Strongest MomentsWe will dearly miss her brassy broads, tragically dumb bitches, and drag-inspired musical numbers.
  28. blockbuster franchises
    Disgraced Berlin Philharmonic Conductor Lydia Tár Announces FundraiserThere’s a new cinematic universe in town, and it’s got an apartment for sale.
  29. archaeology
    Did Dolly Parton Just Write the Plot for National Treasure 3?There’s a great American secret buried under the rolling hills and funnel-cake stands of Dollywood.
  30. na’vi gift guide
    An Extremely Thorough Avatar: The Way of Water Gift GuideFeaturing ornaments, T-shirts, and a candle that smells like a theme park that smells like a fictional place.
  31. grrreat!
    S.S. Rajamouli Is Working on an RRR Sequel“Naa2 Naa2.”
  32. nerfed!
    Fortnite Tries Not to Scam Children and Face $520 Million in FTC Fines ChallengeThat’s like a zillion V-Bucks.
  33. the year of the nepo baby
    Exclusive: The 20 Most Powerful Nepo Babies of 2042Want to know who’s going to run in the world in 20 years?
  34. women in stem
    Which Barbies Are Gonna Be in Barbie?Let Margot Robbie go to space!
  35. oh isn’t this amazing!
    This Is the Live-action Beauty and the Beast We Always DeservedH.E.R. playing electric guitar in Belle’s ball gown is doing what Emma Watson thought she was doing.
  36. coming soon
    What’s Bigger Than an F5 Twister? Twisters.“Practical effects! Practical effects!” — Lee Isaac Chung, hopefully.
  37. wildin’ out
    Kathryn Hahn to Play Wild-Multiverse Cheryl StrayedNot Little Fires Everywhere. Not Big Little Lies. This is Tiny Beautiful Things.
  38. imagine no possessions
    Patty Jenkins Says She ‘Never Walked Away’ From Wonder Woman 3Jenkins says that she was “open to considering anything asked of me” to make the project work after her original treatment was rejected.
  39. review roundup
    Critical Reactions Vary More Than the Frame Rates on Avatar: The Way of WaterOne thing these reviews have in common: descriptions of space whales that will make you want to see this movie as soon as you can.
  40. rip
    Synth God Angelo Badalamenti Dead at 85The Grammy-winning Twin Peaks composer collaborated with David Lynch on a number of his projects, including Mulholland Drive.
  41. boom! clap!
    Christopher Nolan Makes His Nuclear Bombs the Old-fashioned WayFor the Trinity test in Oppenheimer, the director used practical effects over CGI.
  42. is that hoda?
    Al Roker Has Been Discharged From the Hospital After Blood ClotRoker updated Today on his new mustache, cooking dinner, and doing physical therapy.
  43. book wars
    Penguin Random House CEO Says ‘See Ya’Markus Dohle, the biggest randomista of all.
  44. auteur era
    Taylor Swift Is Writing and Directing a MovieAll Too Well (120 Minute Version)?
  45. meanwhile on pandora
    Disney World Could Get a New Avatar Ride, Says James CameronYou’ve heard of the mighty ikran, but the mighty ilu?
  46. awards season
    National Board of Review Names Top Gun: Maverick Best Film of 2022Other wins include Michelle Yeoh for Everything Everywhere All at Once and both Banshees bros.
  47. news from shondaland
    Grey’s Anatomy Scammer Elisabeth Finch Wants to Write on Handmaid’s Tale NextAfter admitting she “never had any form of cancer.”
  48. 2equel2
    The Oscars Are Sad There Won’t Be a Sequel to The HolidayWell, if that’s the case, they should’ve called it Last Holiday. Wait …
  49. herbie fully loaded
    Fred Armisen Wants to Host the Oscars for CarsBip bip.
  50. *beyoncé voice* texas
    Guns N’ Roses Is Suing a Texas Arms Dealer That Stole Its Name“As well as its gun sales, the store also sells a small amount of roses …”
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