Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

Moss Panic

Remains of 14-million-year-old moss found in Antarctica.

Why It's A Sign

Revives possibility that 14-million-year-old rolling stone tumbled through the area. Our money's on Keith Richards.

What To Expect

With the South Pole established as a bona fide party spot, millions flock to "the new, cold Ibiza." Unfortunately, their green glowsticks serve as a landing beacon for the little green men...

Why That's Great News

The type of person who would fly to Antarctica to party will be crushed by their landing craft.

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End of the World Tour

Download: Podcast from Canadian radio show “Q” (hosted by Jian Ghomeshi from Moxy Fruvous)

Link: Rob on the Dennis Miller Radio Show

Rob reading at Pandemonium Bookstore (Cambridge, Mass)

Rob on air with Boston's WBCN radio

Rob and AH on the set of CBS’s “Jericho”, Van Nuys, CA