Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

Moss Panic

Remains of 14-million-year-old moss found in Antarctica.

Why It's A Sign

Revives possibility that 14-million-year-old rolling stone tumbled through the area. Our money's on Keith Richards.

What To Expect

With the South Pole established as a bona fide party spot, millions flock to "the new, cold Ibiza." Unfortunately, their green glowsticks serve as a landing beacon for the little green men...

Why That's Great News

The type of person who would fly to Antarctica to party will be crushed by their landing craft.

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Raves & Reviews

“A great read. Don’t cower in your lead-shielded, ape-proof bunker without it.”— Jon Stewart

“If JERICHO has taught us anything, it’s that this whole thing could blow at any moment. In APOCALYPSE HOW, DAILY SHOW-writer-and-Jericho-fan Rob Kutner guides us through the end of times with a smile on our (melted) faces.”— Carol Barbee, Executive Producer, JERICHO

“This book gave me the unique experience of laughing while dry heaving.” — David Goodman, Executive Producer, FAMILY GUY

“If you buy only one book to accompany you through horrific worldwide catastrophe, make it this one.” — Stephen Colbert

“For years now, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out whether Rob is a better guy or a better humorist. This cinches it, he is a far better humorist. I laughed, I most assuredly did not cry.” — Dennis Miller

“When the end is nigh, this is the place to start.  A hilarious and disturbingly comprehensive guide to humanity's inevitable self-destruction.”Brian K. Vaughan, writer, Lost and Y: THE LAST MAN

“Fiendishly clever, truly hilarious and oddly comforting.  Rob Kutner is so funny he makes the end times seem like good times. This book is a perfect gift for anyone (me) who is having a tough time or even just a bad day (Tuesday, for example.) Buy Apocalypse How now, or you’ll be kicking yourself when you glance in the rearview mirror and see four guys on horses in the carpool lane.” — Cathryn Michon, comic and author of The Grrl Genius Guide to Life

“No end-of-the-world bunker will be complete without semi-automatic weapons, a case of Scotch, and several copies of Apocalypse How. This book makes me giddy about the apocalypse. I can’t wait!” — Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro

“If you're reading this blurb, then congratulations! You're still alive and will soon discover that Apocalypse How is the last funny book ever written.” — Neal Pollack, author, Alternadad

Review: Bob Elisberg gives Apocalypse How “Three thumbs up” on The Huffington Post

Review: The Sacramento Book Review (PDF, page 21) says, “needs to be on any survivalist book shelf… would be a great early Christmas book.”